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Government of Gujarat wide its resolution 30/09/2006 PRCH/102005 dt:1532 has made it mandatory for all government and grant in aid employees to pass examination of CCC for all class 3 services and CCC+ for class 2 and class 1 services.

Institute has Three Computer Labs for Providing computer Training to the employees. Institute conducts training for CCC and CCC+ courses and conducts examination for CCC. For CCC+ candidate has to appear at the examination center as prescribed by SPIPA.


CCC course

CCC+ course


  1. Operating System & Office Productivity Tools
    1. Microsoft Windows XP/2003
    2. Introduction about Desktop, Mouse and Keyboard
    3. File and Folder Management
    4. Ms Word 2003 including Advanced features
    5. MS Outlook 2003
    6. Internet Familiarity, Ussage and E-mail
    7. Understanding LAN, WAN and Wireless LAN
    8. Overview & Usage of  PDF
  2. Microsoft Office Indic 2003     (Gujarati)
    1. Introduction about MS Office     2003 Indic
    2. How to start Word ? Method of     Starting Word 2003
    3. How to Change Language     English to Gujarati ?
    4. Introduction about the Gujarati     Keyboards
    5. Introduction about the Gujarati     IME
    6. How to operate the Keyboards
    7. How to type different Characters     and Words from transliteration     K/B ?
    8. How to use IME help ?
    9. What is Smart tag ?
    10. How to change Menu from     English to Gujarati
    11. Introduction about TBIL     Converter
  3. Troubleshooting, Installation and     Best Practices
    1. Understanding Storage Devices
    2. How to use a DVD/CD ROM and     Floppy ?
    3. Burning CD/DVD
    4. Taking Data on and from a flash     drive, pen drive
    5. Using data and resourses from a     Local Area Network
    6. Using FTP to     Upload/Downloading of Data     from     the Internet
    7. Information on SCANNER and its     usage
    1. Installing basic softwares
    2. Installing CD Burning Software     (Nero etc.)
    3. Install a printer driver on a     Windows 2000-based computer
    4. Installing/Adding New Fonts
    5. Installing any Drivers for new     hardware (including sound     driver)
    6. Installing new Software and     removing them using the Control     Panel
    1. Understanding patches,     upgrades, versions and installing     them
    2. General Security Concepts
    3. Disk Cleanup
    4. Regular Updating of Antivirus      Software
    5. Scandisk
    6. Backup Utility
    1. Troubleshooting Fundamentals
    2. Troubleshooting Tools
    3. Troubleshooting Viruses
    4. Problem that keep a computer     from starting boot     Troubleshooting Operating    System
    5. Problems after a Computer      Boots


Total Duration : 75 hrs.


Duration : 25 hrs.

Operating System & Office Productivity Tools

  • Microsoft Windows XP2003
  • MS WORD 2003 including using Mail Merge and Track Changes
  • MS EXCEL 2003 in depth (Usage of all formulas, functions,     arguments, data filter, etc.)
  • MS PowerPoint 2003 including creating presentations
  • MS Outlook 2003 including using managing & organizing e-mail     messages, schedules, tasks, notes, contacts & other information
  • File & folder Management
  • Overview & usage of PDF


Duration: 20 Hrs.

Microsoft Office Indic 2003

  • Introduction about MS Office 2003 indic
  • How to start Word? Methods of starting Word 2003
  • How to change language English to Gujarati
  • Introduction about the Gujarati keyboards
  • Introduction about the Gujarati IME. Difference between Remington    and Transliteration K/B
  • How to use IME help ? How to use spelling grammars check in    Gujarati ?
  • What is Smart Tag ? What is Thesaurus ?
  • How to change the Menu from English to Gujarati ?
  • Convert the ASCII font to Unicode from TBIL Converter


Duration: 10 Hrs.

Troubleshooting, Installation and Practices

  • Understanding Storage device
  • How to use a DVD/CD ROM and floppy
  • Burning a DVD/CD
  • Taking data on and from a flash drive, pen drive
  • Using data and resources from a Local Area Network
  • Using FTP for uploading and downloading of Data from the Internet
  • Information on scanner and scanner software usage/configuration


  • Installing basic software’s like MS Office, etc.
  • CD Burning software (Nero etc.)
  • Installing or adding printers
  • Installing or adding Fonts
  • Installing sound drivers
  • Installing drivers for any new Hardware
  • Installing new software and removing them using the control panel

   Best Practices

  • Understanding patches, upgrades, versions and installing them
  • Disk cleanup
  • Regular updating of anti virus software
  • Scandisk
  • Backups in detail including the following:
    • Backup through Application
    • Backup through Utilities and Tools
    • Record Retention


  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • Troubleshooting Viruses
  • Troubleshooting Fundamentals
  • Problems that keep a computer from starting
  • Troubleshooting OS Network
  • Problems after a Computer Boots


Duration: 10 Hrs.

Technology Track

  • Networking/Internet Concepts (7 Hrs.)
    • Understand Network Implementation and troubleshoot network    Support
    • Understand Internet Basics, Connections, and WAN Connections
    • Information on Internet explorer usage and various options/settings    available
    • Understand DNS and Uniform Resource Locators
    • Understand Firewalls and different Types of Virtual Private Networks


  • Security (3 Hrs.)
    • General Security Concepts (Covering orientation on the criticality of    the password protection, guidelines on forming new passwords,    guidelines on protection of the assigned accounts)
    • Communication Security
    • Infrastructure Security
    • Operational and Organization at Security

Section: 5

Duration: 10 Hrs.

Project Management Track

  • Overview of Project Management
  • Project Framework
  • Project Management Concepts including Integration, Scope    Management, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality    Management, Communication Management, Risk Management & Procurement Management
  • Overview of Microsoft Project 2003

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